August 27, 2009

Pet peeve: crazy Facebook status updates

OK, I got the pet peeve concept from our friend Jon, so I'm not being very original here. Plus, I know I already blogged about this before in "The mystery is gone", but I saw some more interesting Facebook status updates lately. I can't resist mentioning it here!

Where else but in Facebook do I see people's status as "Jane is napping right now"? Another one had the status "Mike is playing basketball". Who knew my friends were such multitaskers? I was inclined to respond with "Cecilia is juggling 5 balls, riding a unicycle while taming the crazy-ass lion in the circus".

What about "I'm soooo bored"? Reading such a status update bores me to tears as well. In an attempt to be kind, I just avoid reading it altogether, lest I be tempted to reply, "does spreading your boredom help?" Bad, bad Cez.

Then again, there are those who try to be funny...or at least to show they're laughing by posting "Bwahahaha!" What is THAT all about? And lastly, those who post updates that are suspiciously written quite like their texts..."LMFAO", "LOL" know how it goes.

Of course, I CAN ignore those things. It's just difficult because it's compelling somehow. :D


Jon said...

That's a funny observation indeed. And very apropos for pet peeve. hahaha

Cecilia said...

I just can't help noticing those things!