September 17, 2009

Bodies, spirits and hearts

I've been re-reading the book "Anatomy of the Spirit" (photo from by Caroline Myss the past few days that I borrowed from my sister Lani. I can usually read a book in a couple of hours, but with this book, it seems best to read it, mull it over before continuing. So I read it per chapter, or even per section. I'm taking my time with it basically. I read it last year when there were a lot of crazy things going on, but I probably wasn't in a very good place last year that I didn't quite grasp the concepts presented by the book. Maybe I wasn't ready for them.

This re-reading is different now. Suddenly, the messages in the book are clicking. They make sense.

How the body and the spirit function every thought we've ever had is recorded in our emotional and mental issues manifest in the physical. I remember when I had my foot in a soft cast years ago. It was a time when I was running around at work quite like a chicken without its head. When my foot acted up and had to be placed in a cast, it made me think that it was a sign that I should probably slow down and pace myself. In a way, I was already thinking in the same lines as the book. I just never took it a step further.

In case you're wondering what the book's all about, perhaps it's in your local library, so do check it out. By the way, here I was thinking that I was impervious to the doom and gloom brought on by the economy, but this week proved me wrong. It was all I could think and panic about. Then came this message (yeah, I know it's from a Facebook application, but it makes sense):
"Cecilia got a message that on this day, God wants her to know...
... wealth does not come from your bank account, wealth comes from the depth of your heart.
What you really want is happiness. You might believe that a fat bank account will get you there, but that's false. Happy people are happy rich or poor, unhappy people are unhappy rich or poor. Money simply masks your real being by giving you activities to occupy your mind. Don't fool yourself, recession or not, your true wealth comes from your heart and is always only there."
And that made sense to me.