September 21, 2009

Get over yourself

OK, so here's what happened. I finally found a high school friend who's been MIA since a little past high school graduation. She disappeared on us because she got pregnant by a married man. AFTER they broke up. Since then, she did a pretty good job of hiding from us. During our younger years, the rest of us in our group tried to track her down. Her lame attempts to hide became the butt of jokes. Mean, I know, but we really didn't care that she got pregnant out of wedlock. Who were we to judge? But if you want to hide, man, put your heart into it. Hide properly. Don't hang out in malls, then when you're seen, you pretend not to see or hear people who are already in your face.

Anyway, fast forward to now. Lo and behold, she was in Facebook, accepting friend requests from us. I didn't even leave a message in her wall because I still considered her a "flight risk", if you please. However, today I went online quickly in Facebook, saw her and told her "hey! nice to see you in Facebook."

She went offline pronto.

Arrrrgh! Annoying and idiotic. Some things never change.