September 2, 2009

"you were always sweet"

Facebook once again did a fine job of reconnecting me with a friend from high school. She was a batch younger then me. I met her when I was a sophomore and she was a freshman sporting that confused freshman look as she walked the halls of our school. So I went up to her and helped her out. We became friends until I graduated. Then as what happens with most friendships, it faded away. I went to UP Diliman; she went to UP Baguio. We lost touch.

Until now.

We've chatted twice already. Did a fine job of catching up on things. She's still crazy in a funny way. Just chatting with her made me laugh out loud so many times. No wonder we were friends before. Of course, I told her that I'm not a big fan of my highschool years. You know, being thought of as "suplada" (aloof), stuck-up and know-it-all is no fun. To which she replied, "you were always sweet".

Isn't it interesting how the negative stuff we hear when we were young somehow sticks with us? Even when there were more positive things being said about us. Even when I realize now that the group of mean girls are probably the negative ones who just can't see anything good in others. Somehow we end up brooding over the negative stuff.

That's why I'm glad that she and I reconnected. She reminded me of how I was, how she was, how our friendship was and how far we've come.


... Paige said...

there see, good things can happen to good people

Jon said...

I never thought of you as suplada. I have met you twice and you were always very nice and hospitable. And the fact that you befriend a batch younger shows you were not suplada. In my high school, we hardly have friends outside our class. well, at least me. Perhaps I am the real suplada. haha

Cecilia said...

Thanks, Paige.

Jon, such kind words. I was not averse to making friends, though I'm not really friendly to everyone. Perhaps those I've ignored are the ones who claim I'm suplada. :D