October 14, 2009

A chapter or an entire book?

Are you simply a chapter in someone's life, or are you an entire book? Which would you prefer? Sometimes, we do not even merit an entire chapter. Sometimes, we're simply a footnote or an endnote. Will you be in the dedication page? Or in the acknowledgement? How will it make you feel if you're in the epilogue?

As for me, it all depends on who it is. With certain people, I'd yowl away in protest, even be dragged kicking and screaming if I knew I was merely a chapter. I mean, honestly. But to be someone's entire book would be fantastic. Seriously. No ands, ifs and buts about it. With others, I'd probably expect to be a footnote or an endnote. No hurt feelings there. Heck, even being in the bibliography would rock big time. Sweet if I'm in the acknowledgement or dedication page. Being in the epilogue would be cool because it means the book was about me. I hope that I will never be in the errata part.

Then again, I suppose it doesn't really matter whether or not you are a mere chapter or two in someone's life, or an entire book. Sometimes, people do go back and re-read old chapters. Even closed books get reopened and re-read. Simply to remind and remember the lessons.