October 19, 2009

"Even a monkey can do this"

I have worked with people who, when asked about their work, would utter dryly, "even a monkey can do this."

Now, I have nothing against our simian friends, but REALLY? If that was the case, I have yet to find a workplace staffed by monkeys. Just imagine the training and funding needed to train monkeys to do jobs that humans do. How many companies are willing to pay for that? But I ramble.

If you have no pride in your own work, how do you expect others to value what you do? If you keep saying things like that, then when you are truly swamped with work, no one will believe you. After all, you said it yourself, "even a monkey can do this."

So yes folks, be careful what you say. Especially in the workplace.


... Paige said...

I thought well that sometimes monkeys fling poo and that is like some co-workers or jobs, right?

a monkey can not do my job...it takes a lot of forsight to surf the net all day while acting like one is doing company business

Lani said...

Some people just don't take pride in their work, I guess.