October 21, 2009

Isn't it a wonder?

Sometimes I look at our dog and wonder with amazement.

How can we be living with a creature that is non-human? We don't speak the same language. He barks, we speak. Yet somehow, communication of some sort is possible.

We use the simplest of words with him - stay, sit, down, stand, play dead, roll over, belly up, shake paws, high five, among others - and it works. When he tries to communicate with us, he makes little noises - a whine, a whimper, a quick bark, even a snort. Sometimes, he can do so simply with his eyes. When he wants to play, he'll drop a toy on or near our feet, then look up at us expectantly. When he wants to be left alone, he heads to his crate or his bed. When he's hungry, he looks at us and his bowl, then licks his lips.

It makes me wonder why and how communication is sometimes difficult or even next to impossible with fellow humans. We use words - oftentimes too much, sometimes too little - and end up misunderstanding and miscommunicating. What gets in the way of true communication with people? It's a question I keep thinking about.


Lani said...

Animals are awesome, especially Zack :D

Lene said...

My answer to that is complications. Btw, your new layout is a lot sweeter, it really looks very nice. And cute! :)