October 31, 2009

A quick trip to Awkwardsville

A male batch mate of mine from elementary days found me in Facebook a couple of months ago. He was never my classmate, I didn't know him but I knew of him.

Yesterday, he IMd me. Which in itself was not odd since he's been IM-ing me every so often. Sometimes, just to say hello. Other times, to share how life is in the military. I've always been polite. Not overly friendly or eager since I still think I don't know really know him, except as a batch mate.

Thanks to him for a quick trip to Awkwardsville. Out of nowhere (or so it seems to me), he admitted that he had a short-lived one-week-long crush on me oh-so-long ago. To which I replied thanks. It was short-lived because he said I was a snob ("suplada") - he didn't think he had a chance. He started going on how fine I look now, how I haven't changed, etc. Then the awkwardness began, "if I wasn't married and you weren't married, would you give me a chance?" He started selling himself now as a bad boy, a rebel that every woman should be with even just once.

Boy oh boy. I don't think I replied as he expected. Which, of course, didn't matter. He didn't seem to pay attention to what I was typing anyway. I thought of so many responses:
  • "not even when hell freezes over"
  • "I find tarsiers cute in a creepy and freaky way. You're not a tarsier. You're just creepy and freaky. So...no."
  • "huh? what the -?"
  • "NO."
Now, he's not the first dude to have had a thing for me, admitted it to me and lived to tell the tale. My attitude is always, "Thanks for telling me. I appreciate it. But we shall never speak of this again. Understand?". Because I do appreciate it. I mean, it's always fun knowing someone liked you and all that, and to have people admit it to you is even waaaay better. I even have a personal rule that I will not name them to anyone (well, except my husband and sisters). If they only want me to know, that's fine. But the hypothetical question felt inappropriate to my non-prudish self. The dude was just weird and wouldn't stop, so I logged off.

Good thing I got myself out of Awkwardsville soon enough.

P.S. I realized after re-reading my post that the question felt inappropriate because he wasn't my type...ha ha ha! There goes that fine line between harassment and flirtation!


Meikah said...

Yay! I hate those kind! I told one last time too, that I didn't ever plan to be a mistress. It's flattering, especially if the guy is cute, but I always think it doesn't speak well of the kind of guy one is, if he offered or insinuated something like that with a married woman. :)