October 26, 2009

A Wedding and a Glutton

Hubby and I attended a wedding last Saturday.

It was a very rainy, very wet and very gloomy day - the type of day that makes one just want to stay in bed and snuggle under the covers. It was THAT type of day. But we RSVPd. Hardly seemed fair to not go when the ceremony was not hardly 10 minutes away from our place. We got there at 2pm, thinking that hey, we're in America. It MUST start on time, right?

Wrong! It started at 2:30pm.

The bride wore a gorgeous gown that really suited her. However, before she did her bridal march down the aisle, it looked like she just had a good cry. There was a complete Mass, but the priest had the couple kiss before the Eucharist. A rather odd thing, but oh well.

At the reception, it was great to see that they served lots (and I mean LOTS) of food. Imagine serving roast pork, chorizo, mussels, shrimps, empanadas of various sorts, among others plus a salad station before the main course? Boy oh boy. The first course came out, some platter of grilled codfish with vegetables; a half-hour later, a platter with grilled steak topped by grilled shrimps and vegetables. I devoured practically everything (except the desserts - only had a slice of the wedding cake and flan).

I probably ate more than my husband...yikes! I felt like the poster child for gluttony that night. Bad, bad, bad! :D


Leo said...

Joan and I believe one of the things a wedding could be best remembered by is the food. Mukhang memorable itong isang ito for you hehe. ^^ Yum!

Nice blog layout, btw. I likey!

Cecilia said...

It brought out the glutton in me, so yes, definitely memorable.

I've got Lynn to thank for the blog layout. This blog's birthday is coming up, so a new layout seems in order. ;)