October 16, 2009

"You did that? Oh no you didn't!"

As you all know, we run a photography business. I'm the main photographer. My husband helps out, but most of the actual photography is done by yours truly.

Now, this might fall under pet peeves, but I've had people asking me if I was the one who took the pictures in our business website. Which tends to disturb and exasperate me. I know, I know, I should try to rise above it and all that. But seriously, why on God's green earth would I be posting photographs that aren't mine for a photography business? Wouldn't I be cheating and deceiving potential clients if I posted other people's photos? *sighs* I mean, it's a gosh darn photo business. I'm selling my photographic skills!

There's a part of me that gets insulted big time. As if they find it so damn hard to believe that I can come up with such pictures. Sometimes it makes me think that they have such a low opinion of me that I'd stoop down to snitching other photographers' pictures. Otherwise, why even ask that in the first place? "Yes, I took those myself, thank you very much. No, I did not take that from some other photographer. Geez!"

Then there's another smug part of me that says, "see? only goes to show how much YOU know about me. I'm more talented than you realized...or cared to believe." Which works to console me. Sometimes.


Meikah said...

Well for stupid questions like those, you have to strike them down with sarcasm. :D

Cecilia said...

That's true.

Jon said...

you are correct, it does not make sense to post other people's picture in your photography website. but I think people who asked are so flabbergasted by the beauty and professional look of your photograph that they were unable to think first before uttering "did you take that" question. it's more of an instinctive reaction. how can a mild mannered person like you who they don't associate as being a gifted photographer take those? they think of you as being something else besides a photographer. so if you, who is not a full time photographer, can produce such quality, how much more if you were a full time photographer?

i would take it as a compliment. :-)

Cecilia said...

You raised a very good point, Jon. The next time, I'll thank them. That ought to surprise. ;)