November 7, 2009

Happy birthday, Vanilla and Caramel!

Who turned 4 years old today?

This blog, of course! As an early birthday present, this blog got a new layout courtesy of my sister Lynn. She did the header image as well. It looks cleaner somehow, but maybe it's just me. Even added the color green.

Now the blog will be "more than just sweetness". Of course, I've long used this blog as my sounding board, my shock absorber, etc. anyways. It's not as if this blog has been all sweetness and light. Just thought it best to have it up there to sort of make it official.

Anyway, thanks to you, kind folks, who continue to drop by every now and then.


Lene said...

Happy birthday V & C! :) abot p 'ko. Looking forward to more years of vanilla and caramel sweetness!

... Paige said...

Happy Blog-Day; omg I can't believe it has been this long. we started about the same time, but my first blog long gone and lost to old blogger

Happy Blog-day and many many more!

Leo said...

Belated happy birthday, V & C! Here's to years of more than just sweetness ahead. ^^

Jon said...

Happy Birthday Vanilla and Caramel.