November 4, 2009

Old letters, old friends

I scrapped some people out of my life lately. For the longest time, I kept exerting all efforts to keep our group in touch. I even created a Yahoogroups for us, which started off beautifully back in 2001. In recent years though, only one or two would e-mail. People would complain that I didn't e-mail, but when I did, no one replied. Standing outside overlooking a canyon was a better option - if I yell, then at least I'd hear my echo. But you just don't give up on people that easily, right? Especially friends you've known since 1991.

Eventually, everyone got tired of it. They'd e-mail me only to complain about the Yahoogroup - why it doesn't remind people of birthdays consistently, why they got this spam e-mail (and they suspected it was that Yahoogroup's fault), why I haven't added/deleted their old/new e-mail addresses, why certain e-mails weren't sent to everyone, etcetera. They became a source of annoyance and irritation. They don't respond to my e-mails, but they DID send complaints and gripes my way. Finally, enough was enough.

So I deleted the Yahoogroup and deleted their e-mail addresses. I did what I could, and probably did more than I should. All in the name of friendship. But it was one-sided.

Today I found a couple of old letters from them (see? I even brought them with me when I moved to the US!). Mostly apologizing at how bad they were at keeping in touch. Endless reasons, always pointing out how busy they were. But all these years, I was as busy, yet found the time.

"A friend is a present you give yourself."

However, there's no return or refund policy on this. Thanks, but really, no thanks. It took me this long, but I did what I had to do. Dump the bad stuff to make way for the new.