November 1, 2009

Thank you for the music

My friend Meikah of MamaisWorking had an interesting post, "Of Songs and Memories". What she wrote struck a note, "... A song transcends time and place. You hear a song and it brings you back in time, makes you latch onto a memory, and get inspired from an experience."

Music has a way of sticking with you. In fact, emotionally-charged situations are heightened by songs. Most love stories have its respective soundtracks. There are songs when the two of you were falling in love, spending time together, and weaving dreams and fantasies of a future together. Even disagreements and misunderstandings have particular songs. Unfortunately, breaking up, leaving someone behind, getting left behind, moving forward and moving on have its own music as well.

Meikah's right. "You hear a song and it brings you back in time." To a specific time and place. It helps you remember. Even when sometimes you thought you'd forgotten. Every now and then, I listen to my iPod on shuffle mode. Just to see what songs come up and what memories it will stir up.

Sometimes it's nice to remember.


Meikah said...

Yes, Cez, it's good to remember. ;)

... Paige said...

so true, makes me wonder what my sound track will sound like...hum