December 30, 2009

Just like wine

My husband and I were lucky that we had the chance to hang out with old friends when we went to the Philippines.

I admit, I can be a bit nutty when seeing old friends, especially good old friends. A part of me's afraid that these friends have changed so much since the last time I saw them that there will be nothing to talk about. I wonder what we will talk about. I wonder if it will still feel comfortable being with them. Will they also feel comfortable being with us? I mean, I know I've changed, and my husband's changed. So it seems logical that everyone else changed as well. I realized that I do not want to get disappointed. I do not want to discover that time and distance can take its toll on even the best of friendships.

As it turns out, all my worries were unfounded.

"Being with old friends is like coming home," said my sister Lani in one of her blog posts.

It felt like we simply picked up where we left off. Like no time has passed. Hours flew by fast and no one even noticed the time. Sure, there was a lot of catching up to do, but that's part of what made the reunions all the more fun. Add to that the walking down memory lane, which elicited much laughter. Some secrets even got spilled, which only goes to show that secrets do have expiration dates. At some point, the secrets we keep are not a big deal anymore, so people are more comfortable in admitting them.

Anyway, it was too bad that time was in short supply. I even found myself telling them that I missed them and that I'll miss them when we leave. Would I have said such things years ago? Honestly, hell no. I'm not really that sort. But now, why not? They ought to know, so I told them.

Seeing these old friends made me realize how much I like them, how much I missed them and and how much we missed out on. Interesting though, this time around, listening to promises of keeping in touch seem more honest, more real. After all, these friendships have already stood the tests of time and distance. If the friendships survived the first round of being apart, then this next round should be as easy as a walk in the park.

And yes, "good friends, like wine, get better with age."