December 31, 2009

Thanks for all of these in 2009

My friend Meikah's current blog post, "Ring in 2010 with a Grateful Heart!" served as a fantastic reminder to yours truly.

So in the spirit of gratitude, here are some of the things I'm grateful for this year:
  • Dad's smooth surgery. Yay! Finally.
  • Papa's peaceful passing. "There is some comfort in dying surrounded by one's children." - Ann Radcliffe
  • Red Caramel. :D
  • Forgiveness. It might take awhile, but it does get there.
  • Closure. What makes it better? It was mutually agreed-upon closure.
  • Old friends, new acquaintances. Enough said.
  • President Obama. The right guy at the right time.
  • LBC. You guys shipped donations to Ondoy victims for free. You rock in my book.
I know there are still other items I can add here, but it'll do for now.

I wish you all a healthy, peaceful and prosperous 2010!