January 2, 2010

01/01/10 - how it was

Cleaned and straightened out our place for two straight days. Made fruit salad. Bought leche flan from the Brazilian bakeshop in our area. Spent New Year's eve at my sister Lani's place, together with my husband, my parents, and our sister Lynn.

Cooked pancit palabok (that's the picture on the left). Ushered the new year with so much noise, jingling coins and jumping around the house. Gave out new year's gifts (belated Christmas gifts just sound...well, late). Got home at 3:30 am. Woke up at noon. Ate shrimp noodle soup for lunch. Spent the rest of the day, night and early morning sitting on the couch, eating fruits, and watching the extended versions of the Lord of the Rings trilogy: "Fellowship of the Rings", "The Two Towers" and "The Return of the King". Finally done just minutes ago.

What a happy new year.