January 24, 2010


My husband, who else? It's fantastic having a husband who's not afraid to try new things, which makes us a good match.

Yesterday, we went to a restaurant in Queens and ordered a dish that came with a live octopus. Yes, you read that right...LIVE. As in squirmy and squiggly...THAT kind of live. It kept slippin' and slidin' on the mountain of assorted seafood and vegetables, which were already cooked unlike Little Mr. Octo. He was there for the eatin'. Guess who stepped up the plate? Him. Of course I took pictures, but this time, our dear readers, I'll spare you the images. That way, you'll get a good night's sleep.

Oh, just so you know, the restaurant also had another dish with not just one, but two live octopi plus a live lobster!

Anyway, my husband might be the strong, silent type, but he's a true badass. Seriously.