January 21, 2010

Buzzing like a worker bee

Here I am again, blogging after being quiet as a mouse. What's been up my sleeves, apart from my arms?

I've been working and updating business-related stuff. Being a good worker bee.

Boy, my back hurts now.

Even my sisters were roped into voting on business card layouts. Of course Lynn got dragged into cleaning up the layouts that I did in Photoshop. Did I mention I'm lacking in PS skillz? Oh yeah, you must know that by now.

I created three different portfolios to show three different niche clients. Whew! Organizing three different portfolios was a crazy idea, I admit. Making just a single one was already a pain and a half. Add two to the mix and the headache factor gets amped up! Deciding which images to put in each portfolio was no easy feat either. I had to keep taking a step back and view each image whether or not they're good. It's so easy to be biased and love them all. After all, they're products of my hard work. I ordered them yesterday and got an e-mail today that they're all done and shipped! Woo hoo! Still waiting for shipping confirmation of the biz cards though.

Once the materials are back from the printers, then it's time to head to Staples for some fab color printing - price lists, proposals, draft contracts, etc. Our accounting software's updated. Today I started filing the digital stuff properly. Oh, and we need to buy an external hard drive for the images.

Come Saturday, it's time to have some fun. Perhaps it's time to seek Chippy as a reward. : ) Or maybe some Korean or Indian food.