January 2, 2010

LOTR Trilogy still rocks my socks

As you know, I spent my first day of the new year watching the LOTR trilogy. As planned. Woo hoo! My husband didn't. He watched every now and then, but didn't watch the entire three movies. He DID play his LOTR computer game. So we're kinda, sorta on the same page, I guess.

The trilogy is usually good to watch when there's a snowstorm outside, and you can't really go anywhere. Even better if you have a mug of hot chocolate, a comforter, nice jammies plus socks, so you'll stay warm and cozy. Just make sure you're not so comfortable that you end up falling asleep on the couch. That's a no-no.

Anyway, I keep meaning to watch the trilogy for the longest time, but haven't done so until yesterday. So yay to me for doing something I've been planning to do! Of course, even if I've seen all the behind-the-scenes videos on the LOTR movies, surprisingly, the magic's still there. ; )

Gandalf and Saruman's bitch fight still rocks. Awesome to watch two old men going at each other so gung-ho.

The Nazgûl still creeps me out like crazy...especially when they became Ringwraiths on wings! *shudders*

Arwen getting chased on horseback by the Nazgûl is probably the only Arwen scene I like in the entire thing. It makes me want to learn how to ride a horse seriously. Or at least, learn enough so on the really off-chance the Nazgûl chase me, I'll survive. Of course, what are the chances of that happening? Zero.

The Shire and Rivendell look like fantastic vacation spots. Imagine real estate prices there!

Aragorn OR Boromir? Don't make me choose! I ♥ them both.

Hugo Weaving speaks so darn eloquently. I imagine him ordering takeout food with such a voice and captivating the order taker. I know I would be.

Laugh out loud moments - Boromir nearly breaking down at Galadriel's gaze. How guilty-looking can he get? Then Galadriel asking Gimli what he wants when she was giving away gifts. Gimli mumbling so incoherently in reply was just too funny for words. Now THAT'S an effect.

Shieldmaiden of Rohan - what an absolutely fantastic title.

After endless viewings of the three movies, I still haven't gotten tired of them yet. Yay for the movies and Peter Jackson!


Jon said...

Forget Boromir, I would rather have Faramir! hehehe.

Jon said...

I like Faramir better than Boromir. hehehe

Cecilia said...

Can't blame you, Jon. Faramir's a yummy one as well.