January 14, 2010

Now you've done it

Forced my hand to delete your e-mail address both in my Yahoo address book and friend list. I even created a filter to drag your sorry-ass e-mails straight to trash, just in case they slip through despite being deleted from my address book. I already took you off my FB friend list awhile back. But I kept you in my e-mail address book because...well, keeping it might come in handy someday. Who knows, right? But today, you really, really got on my nerves.

Your e-mail started off okay enough. Something to the effect that you're sure we've all heard about what happened in Haiti. That's why I continued to read on. Big mistake. Once again, you discussed how it affected your work. And to please pray for your contract extension. Unbelievable how you used what happened in Haiti to discuss, once again, yourself. Port-au-Prince was almost decimated and we should be praying for you. How about getting your head out of your ass and figuring out how to help the needy instead?

Oh, and you know what? You're the only one who remains totally oblivious of current events, social issues and even geography. Even back then. So stop assuming we were and we are as oblivious...heck, as idiotic as you.

I had a feeling that you never even noticed that I'm no longer in your FB list. Even the fact that I haven't replied to your phone calls, e-mails and texts was something I thought would just go over your head (which was something I hoped since I don't really want any drama from you). And of course, I'm right.

Goodness, I knew you were an attention hog. You always were, you are and always will be. But using what happened in Haiti to spread your cause (um, to pray for you) is just downright deplorable.

To think my day started off well until I heard from you.