March 13, 2010

Headache no more

Yesterday proved an emotional day for me in more ways than one. I went back and stepped inside a place that I never thought I ever would step in again. All because I left when I had no more to give.

I've avoided going back for the longest time. I didn't feel ready, despite all the begging, coaxing and pleading by my friends. I'd go back when I'm in that good place. I'd go back when I'm ready.

Who would have thought yesterday would be that day?

The moment I stepped in, squeals of delight and laughter welcomed me. I got hugs and kisses. Then it was followed by, "how come you never visit us?", "are you coming back?", "we missed you sooo much!", "you're looking good!" and even "you're THAT Cecilia? I've heard so much about you - all good."

I ended up hanging around for two hours...and I thought I'd be around, at most, for half-hour.

It was fun to be back. Even better to find out how much I was missed, how much what I did made a difference, and how much good will I left behind that they can welcome me back so warmly. To my surprise, even the plants that I kept in my office (and gave away eventually) were still around and thriving. I thought that I burned bridges. I've long wondered how I'd be received when I dropped by for a visit. The wondering ended yesterday.

It turned out great. I left with good, happy feelings, while they all looked sad as they asked me to come back. Even for just a visit. I realized though, I wouldn't go back. My life is so different now. But it makes me happy that I've reconciled with this part of my past.