April 8, 2010

AI’s got us riveted!

"American Idol" wasn’t really one of our must-watch TV shows. Until season 9 came along.

Of course, we do have a reason for watching this season. Katie Stevens, a very good friend of my niece Kristen, auditioned. Katie and Kristen have performed in numerous theater productions here in Connecticut. We've seen Katie perform many times and she's really talented – a triple threat who can sing, dance and act. If she comes across like a sweet, nice gal on TV, that's because she is! She's now in the top 8, which cheers us up immensely.

My husband and I vote for her every time, most of the time practically during the entire two hours allotted for voting. Seems like we don't have a life, huh!

Of course, I'M the one who gets so invested with what's going on. I became a fan of the AI9 Contestants Facebook fan page just so I can monitor people's comments about her performance. We've seen her perform marvelously, so we have an idea what she's capable of. For a while though, I thought her TV performances were underwhelming. Until lately.

I understand why Simon insists on her going the country music route. She's got this wholesome look kind of like Taylor Swift and Leann Rimes (a younger Leann Rimes, I mean).

Thanks to Katie, we are now AI viewers! Who would've thought that was possible?


Lynn said...

'Tis an interesting thing. I've been crawling through message boards and while she has fans, there is also a large number of non-fans, who bash her quite a lot, saying she looks like a mean girl who probably has no friends in school, that she's smug and sneering, and that she's a camera hog, and that she acts like someone who's been praised since birth and expects that to happen till now. Upsetting.

Lani said...

There were 2 people in the clinic the other day dissing Katie. They thought she was a snob, and stubborn, not listening to the judges' suggestions. Interesting how people judge you.

Cecilia said...

That's why you gotta be impressed with these kids, putting themselves out there. It's such a character-building experience for them, I think.

Lynn said...

And the lesson is to not judge people you don't know. Instead, judge the hell out of the ones you DO know, because you know what filthy little slugs they are.