April 12, 2010

Coffee is yuck!

I'm in the office today with little to do. Plus, I slept at 3am (couldn't sleep) and woke up at 7am (before the alarm clock went off). Sleep-deprived, I'm practically close to falling asleep at my desk (but that information's between you, me and the desk). Trying to bravely fight off sleepiness. Losing a fighting battle.

In a desperate attempt to stay awake, I brewed myself a nice cup of coffee. French vanilla. Added 3 packets of sugar + half-n-half. Result? Still bitter and undrinkable. How can it go so wrong? I like french vanilla!

Taking little sips. Seems wasteful not to drink it, but adding more sugar seems a bad idea - too much sweetness. No wonder I never became a coffee drinker. Give me hot chocolate or tea any day, and we'll be friends. So far, I've to admit, what little coffee I drank DID work in waking me up a bit. Let's hope it'll keep me slightly awake until it's time to go. Otherwise, I'll skedaddle early.