April 14, 2010

Cowardly little lion

"Primary diagnosis: abdominal pain undifferentiated"

That's what the discharge papers said. Probably their way of saying "we have no clue what the heck is going on, so find out elsewhere". Buggers.

My husband brought me to the ER last night due to upper right abdominal pain. We stayed there for 3 hours. They gave me the following stuff while in the ER (just copying the info from the discharge papers):
* 1000ml 0.9% Sodium Chloride IV wide open for fluid resuscitation
* Viscous Lidocaine 10mL
* Maalox 30mL
* Donnatal 10mL
* Pepcid 20mg IVPB in 50ml 0.9% sodium chloride infuse over 20 minutes

They also listed the tests done in the ER like CBC with AUTO DIFF; Lytes, BUN, Creat, Glu Group; INR/PT; LFT's; eGFR, etc. There's like 16 in the list.

I'd really rather go by what the doctor thinks it is. In fact, the simpler and more straightforward, the better. *crosses fingers* If it's GERD, fine, there are medicines for that. Stomach ulcer? Still sounds simple. But I've done my research and the other possibilities freaked me out and scared the hell out of me. Just look at this list from Mayo Clinic!

I have an appointment tomorrow at 1pm with an internal medicine doctor. Oh, and yeah, it still hurts. Actually, I think it started last Saturday. The pain comes and goes.

Only a few people were privy to what happened yesterday - the ER trip, I mean. I can count them with one hand, excluding my husband and me of course, since it seems a given that we'd know. Then I thought just now, "what the heck, I'm blogging about it." I get the feeling though that if you, my dear online friends, asked me about this, I'll try to weasel out of talking about it. Just a warning. : )

I didn't really even want to go to the hospital. The night before, I insisted on going to the gym. Yeah, what a brilliant idea just to show to myself that I'm alright. Yesterday, my husband was silently stewing at my non-desire to go and have it checked out. So fine. I went, despite grumbling and pouting all the way.

I'm usually very brave - in fact, I can be a pillar of strength for other people - but maybe not when it comes to my mortality. Then I become a cowardly little lion.


... Paige said...

it's the gallblader, very fixable. don't worry that will only upset your tummy

prayers for all to be well

Cecilia said...

Still have some more tests to undergo. Thanks much for the prayers, Paige. Really appreciate it.