April 2, 2010

Too serious for my own good

I've stopped being impulsive.

I started taking myself too seriously. Just to show that I'm adult. Well, I AM an adult, of course. Even if I don't really look like an adult. People take one look at me and they think I'm a kid. It's the height, I tell ya.

But it's all about image, right? I mean, I can still be serious and still be fun. I just have to know when and where. That's why I'm taking baby steps to get back on that wagon.

My new eyeglasses have a striking burgundy and pink tone! I've never been into pink. I went for a haircut and ended up with bangs (probably not a good idea, since now I look like I'm 7). I've got my eyes on a pair of shoes that can be both business AND party shoes. My wallet's red. Woo hoo. That's exciting. *rolls eyes*

I noticed that my choice of shoes are now...ugh!...adult. Most of my clothes are mostly black, blue, brown and beige. If it's true that you are what you wear, then darnit, I'm so neutral, so middle-of-the-road. Tsk tsk tsk. That's not me! I've stopped dancing. Well, I still do in the privacy of our home, but that's different. I rarely do anything spur of the moment nowadays. I make lists now - to-do list, grocery list, meals-of-the-week list. My mind's constantly spouting off various lists in various forms for various reasons. Being organized helps me get things done efficiently, but it's not fun. I've become responsible and respectable, and well, boring.

How the hell did it happen?

Perhaps it's time to shake things up a bit. Loosen up. Update the look. But that's gonna cost money. So maybe not.

Ideas? Drag certain friends out to dancing and dance the night away. Organize rockin' shindigs. Attend a concert. Drink until drunk (hmmm...come to think of it, maybe not to the point of intoxication. Just drink a glass or two). Punch someone in the face for fun (volunteers, anyone?). Go to a karaoke joint and sing passionately though tunelessly.

I wasn't a party animal, but I did know how to have fun. Which seems to have gone a-missing for sometime now. Time to look for that fun Cez and get my groove back on. We'll see how it goes.