April 23, 2010

Kinda, sorta updates

I went to the gastrointestinal doctor today to schedule my endoscopy. He's fully booked, so it won't be until the first week of May. Next week, an appointment with my gynecologist. My doctor wants to rule out everything he can rule out, so fine. Let's get things done.

Most of the time, I'm glad and waaaay thankful that they're not finding anything seriously wrong, and really hoping it stays that way. But there are rare times - extremely rare times - when I feel frustrated not knowing how to answer other people's questions. "Do you know already?" "What's the news?" "Has it been diagnosed?" I appreciate the concern. Really, truly, seriously. But there's not much I can say, short of what I'm told.

Today, I was told to lessen the dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables. Now that's a hit on my diet because I eat those everyday. That's on top of the "do not drink caffeine products, eat fatty foods and chocolate, take aspirin, etc." directive, which isn't so painful given:
- I don't drink coffee.
- I'm not a big fan of chocolate.
- I've been avoiding fatty food.
- I take aspirin only when necessary.

OK, so the dull pain's still around. It still comes and goes. Sometimes it lasts about 10 minutes; other times, a half-hour to an hour. Prevacid seems to help with the weird tummy rumbling, so yay! for that. I can't take anything for the pain though. It's just something I bear with. Sleeping is tricky sometimes. Some early mornings, I'd wake up from the pain then of course, I find it hard to sleep again. Other times, I succeed in sleeping it off.

If they can't find something wrong, then is something really wrong? What the heck is going on? Is it all in my mind? Does it mean I'M simply losing my mind?

Of course, I still prefer that this be a case of "much ado about nothing".


Meikah said...

Cez, first, I like the new layout of your blog. LOVE the colors! Very cool!

Second, I pray that they will get to the bottom of that dull pain that you're experiencing every now and then. :)

Take it easy!