April 28, 2010

She just doesn't get it

A friend who I defriended in Facebook sent me yet again a friend request. For the fourth time.
Lynn: desperado
Lynn: she loves ya
Me: i was inclined to reply, "not getting the hint, are ya?"
Lynn: and wants you to luv her back too
Me: hardly love
Me: more of seeking attentio

We have a nice term for that in Filipino - "makulit!" Not quite sure how to translate that though.

It wasn't enough that she sent messages with her friend requests. She even e-mailed me to accept her friend request. So yesterday, I accepted the friend request just to end the badgering, then blocked my updates and hers. Is that any better? I think not.

Under ordinary circumstances, I'd be flattered by such a fervent desire to befriend me. I do have reasons for defriending her, reasons I've thought long and hard about. It wasn't as if I just defriended her on a whim.

Goodness, I'd be flattered if it was really about me. But knowing her, it's still more about her than about me.