April 25, 2010

You're in a church, lady!

At church today, I was totally put off by this fellow churchgoer.

For starters, she occupied a big space on the pew on her own. Since we were looking for seats, we sat in her pew. When she saw us, she glared at us. Then she kept on looking at us and making faces. When it was time to say "peace be with you", I extended my hand, she extended hers then pulled it back.

This type of behavior - people who are all church-going-y acting abysmally INSIDE the church - never fails to annoy me. I mean, if you can't behave properly while inside the church, what more outside of it? Most people are on their best behavior inside churches, but with some people, oh boy!

Are they there to test the other churchgoers' patience?


... Paige said...

so you thing she is going for you? ha, it is all bout her and saving her soul and junk, now tell me what on earth could make her save yours

Oh now I get it :-)

poor thing she has a long journey ahead, pray for her on accounta she really really needs it

you my friend are blessed that you have eyes to see :-) it

Cecilia said...

It just seemed sooooo hypocritical. Being in church and not practicing what the church teaches. Ugh!

Jon said...

hypocrisy at its best. i hate that.