May 5, 2010

Contact is still contact, virtual it may be

I know I've felt bad about certain people being disappointing. Then I realized something... what the heck was I doing focusing on those people? After all, there are more of those who, as I've said before, are behaving admirably.

So enough with the drama, Cez.

Much as I complain and criticize Facebook, it keeps me distracted. So I've been working from home while logged on in Facebook. Me being me, it's easy to sit, think and overthink things to the point of mental exhaustion. Which only results in questions and more questions. Which doesn't do me any good. Sleep is the first to suffer.

I've sent friend requests to people, something I don't usually do (mostly, I just accept them). I've been in touch with cousins (much as I don't like their mom...well, they're not their mom, after all), even a second cousin who was my classmate from 1st-3rd grade and lost contact beyond that.

Somehow reaching out to other people, even virtually, is really taking my mind off things. Right now, that's not a bad thing at all.