May 5, 2010

Pediatric hands: I haz it

I had my endoscopy appointment today. As the nurse was putting the IV on me, she said I had pediatric hands - so small. Wish I can tell you more, but can't. I was knocked out. I was listening to the doctors and nurse discuss some parking problem with some song by the Eagles playing in the background. They said I should lie on my left side. Then that was that. Amazing. Knocked me out so quickly, it's like how I usually fall asleep.

When I woke up, I was already in the recovery room. A nurse came by to ask me what I wanted to drink, so I asked for iced water. I was told to snooze, but couldn't. I hung around for half-hour, then was plopped down on a wheelchair and wheeled out of the building, where my husband was waiting.

My husband said the doctor spoke to him. They didn't find anything (a good thing), yet they took some samples to biopsy. Said I was a funny patient, giggling as I was being wheeled out of the room after the procedure was done. For the life of me, I've no recollection of that.

Funny. Even in such a state, I'm still a happy camper.


Leo said...

They say coming out of sedation briefly brings out the inner you. Hee hee happy giggly Cez through and through. ^^

Thank goodness nothing bad was found. I pray all be well, and I hope they find answers soon.

Kabay nga mag-mayad ka eagi (may you get well soon). Ingat lagi.

Lene said...

I regard you as a strong person. Not all would have acted that way, I suppose. You're in my prayers Cez, the moment you posted something about it.

Good thing everything is OK now. All the best of health to you!

Cecilia said...

Lei, we haven't heard about the biopsy results yet. Hoping for nothing. :)

Lene, thank much for the prayers. Much appreciate it. Still waiting for results, so prayers are more than welcome. ;)