June 2, 2010

Been quiet because of...

School Rumble.

Lately, hubby and I have been watching the old episodes of this anime series courtesy of Hulu (yay! Hulu!). I even found my anime crush in Kenji Harima (after he got rid of his moustache and goatee). He's supposed to be this bad ass juvenile delinquent who is actually a good guy with a good heart - misunderstood, really - just incredibly in love with Tenma Tsukumoto. Unfortunately for him, Tenma's in love with Oji Karasuma, who may or may not be in love with her.

With lines like, "mock the ruin of a man I've become" and "stupidity has brought us together", how can a girl not fall for that? Watching the darn show makes me want to get my own pet pig and name him Napoleon. Kinda like Harima.

I even learned something new from Tenma, the lead female character. She'd rather do something stupid than do nothing. From that "lesson", I came up with my own questions that I'll raise here sometime.

I like how the whole series seems like a mishmash of characters, events and situations. But most importantly, it makes me laugh. Like laugh out loud. That's enough reason for me to watch it.