June 7, 2010

She found out

Nearly a year after I defriended this person, it was only yesterday when she realized it. I got a text from her yesterday asking why I don't respond to her calls, e-mails and texts. Nor was I in her FB friend list. Then she IMd a common friend to ask him what's going on. He knows what's going on, but wanted to let me know about her discovery. He didn't tell her why.

Naturally, I don't want him to get dragged in the middle of this - whatever this is.

How am I supposed to say...
-  that I got tired of hearing about HER problems? When it was my turn, "eh bakit ba kasi ang dami mo'ng pinoproblema?" (not quite sure how to translate that...help!)
-  that I'd rather keep friends who are concerned about me as I am about them?
-  that I'd rather not be bothered with the soap opera that is her life?
-  that sometimes enough IS enough?

I mean, I know and understand that things aren't always happy and upbeat. There are and will always be problems, trials and tribulations. But to treat everything like some big drama and expect everyone to join the fray, or even to attend the neverending pity party is asking for too darn much. Even when things go well and it's pointed out to her, she refuses to see it.

Most importantly, it took her almost a year to notice my absence in her life. To me, that says a lot in itself. That's why I don't really see the point of me being in her life (and vice-versa). Disengaging one's self from friendships gone bad is easy. There's no need for an official break-up.

In this case though, somehow it seems necessary. I'll tell her eventually. In my own time. Maybe. But the text made me dig in my heels some more. "What the hell do I owe you an explanation for?"


Jon said...

"eh bakit ba kasi ang dami mo'ng pinoporblema?"

"what ev, why is it that you are making everything into your problem?"

how is that translation? anyways, I like this blog and I totally can relate to it.