July 6, 2010

"I'm not in a good mood...so what?"

Everyone has their bad days every now and then, right?

Sometimes, our day gets so bad that we end up posting it in Facebook. As a status update. Just to vent. Which I find totally understandable. After all, we're humans. We can't throw tantrums anymore like little kids, but we can vent in a more public platform - Facebook (of course, choosing Facebook to air your grievances and what-have-yous is another matter worth blogging about). Nevertheless, it's been known to happen. It does happen. I reckon it'll continue happening anyway.

It's the reactions of other people to the venting that elicits an "ugggh!" from me.

"Huwag mo'ng sirain ang araw mo. Kalimutan mo na." (Don't ruin your day. Forget about it.)
"Masyado ka namang negative. Pabayaan mo na." (You're so negative. Just let it go.)

Sure, you're probably better off not posting it as a Facebook status. The thing is, sometimes, you just want to let it out. Or you texted it hastily and got it posted to your Wall. Maybe you were looking for sympathy. Or you want reaffirmation that it's OK to feel that way. But most of the time, it backfires.

You're made to feel bad about feeling bad.

As if they expect you to be Little Miss Sunshine day in, day out. I posted one such update weeks ago. Some people even e-mailed me to stop being negative. But today I saw a friend's status update in which she was venting. People left comments on how she should stop being that way. Which reminded me of my own reaction.


It is MY wall.

One negative status update doesn't make me a negative person. And even if it does, then stop reading my wall if it bums you out, dammit.


... Paige said...

I think it's weird when someone feels bad for not feeling bad

Lani said...

Don't listen to them. I know they think they're making you feel better, or trying to cheer you up. But we're supposed to allow ourselves to feel however we feel at any one moment. Or however long it takes us to get out of a funk, if we are in one. It's those people who ignore their feelings, keep them inside or don't allow themselves to feel that get in trouble.

Lynn said...

Tell them, "Quit telling me to feel better, or you'll feel the back of my hand on your face, make no mistake about that."