July 26, 2010


If you haven't seen this movie, don't worry. This post won't ruin it for you. No spoilers. Promise.

I went to the movie house sans expectations. I didn't read any reviews since I don't care much for movie reviews, really. I enjoy watching and coming up with my own opinions. An FB friend even posted the ending (talk about spoilers), but thankfully, he did so in the comments section, not in his status update, making it easier to ignore.

Anyway, last Saturday, my husband and I decided to watch the movie. To our surprise, the movie house was jampacked. The only seats available were the front-row seats. Who in their right minds would sit in front while watching a movie? Not us.

I scanned the dark theater and happily spotted two seats in different areas. What the heck, we were there anyway. We agreed to split up and just watch.

The movie started. Let me correct that...the fun ride started. I give brownie points to those who came up with the movie. The movie, for me, became "Inception" in practice. At the end of it, my thought was: I. MUST. WATCH. IT. AGAIN.

If I'm not alone in thinking that way (and it doesn't seem to be that way), it definitely bodes well for the movie's ticket sales.

Yay for good movies!