November 15, 2010

Sometimes you're afraid to let go of the pain

I'm not sure if you'll be able to read this. I know that I've said my piece to you. I know that I probably hurt you by telling you exactly what I thought. As your friend, it's difficult for me, knowing what you're going through. I know what you're going through is difficult.

Sometimes you're afraid to let go of the pain. You got used to it. You can't imagine how life will be once you let go. You're afraid that letting go will mean forgetting the other person. So you hold on to whatever feeling's left - be it anger, hurt, loneliness, etcetera. It's your final stand, the final way that you can hold on to someone, especially when that someone moved on already.

Women like you. You're a nice guy. Now is a good time to exercise your options.

I'm here for you, but you know that I'm not going to tolerate your wallowing anymore. Enough already.

Go out there. Meet someone new. Fall in love. You've waited long enough.