December 28, 2010

I'll go my merry way

Thinking of certain people, events and situations tend to make me feel sad every now and then - the kind of sad that pops out of nowhere. The thing is, I know that I've already given enough attention and time on those people, events and situations. I know that I should just let it be. But life surprises. Some days, it takes herculean effort not to dwell on them or get carried away by the negativity when I get reminded of them.

All I can do is wish everyone well, really mean it and go my merry way. And yes, I'll pat myself on the back. At least I'm trying to overcome the negative with a positive. That must count for something, right?

If there are people who don't like me, then there are those whom I don't like as well. If there are people who like me, then there are also people I like. Life, in all its craziness, is fair that way. It keeps everything in balance. I like it.


... Paige said...

Happy New Year

the main thing is to like yourself and no one else matters

Cecilia said...

Happy New Year, Paige.