December 27, 2010

It's still howling out there

The snow stopped already, but the winds haven't. I can actually see snow swirling around outside. The winds are so strong, it makes me afraid that our windows might break. *knocks on wood* Tsk tsk tsk.

Anyway, thank goodness people's common sense kicked in. No work. Trains have been shut down.

What boggles my mind completely is watching the news and finding people stranded in airports, etc. complaining about getting stranded. But seriously, would you want to travel in the middle of a blizzard? If getting stranded is inevitable, I'd rather be stranded in an airport where it's nice, warm and slightly comfy, instead of mid-travel. Picture emergency landings. Or even sitting for hours in a train that can't go anywhere because of the snow. Or riding a bus that might run into slippery conditions while out on the road. Ugh.

Isn't your life more important? I'd be thankful that my safety (and the other passengers') is a priority, instead of whining about getting stuck in an airport. Sure, getting stranded is an inconvenience. But I'd rather be inconvenienced than be faced with the alternative - that is, having a head-on collision with a snowy force of nature.


Lani said...

I wish people would just use common sense. Don't attempt to go to work if your life would be in danger. Buses got stuck because they were told to go out in that weather. I'm for providing mass transit but how about just declaring a state of emergency and keep everyone off the streets and roadways?
I sympathize with those whose streets haven't been cleaned up, and I know it is a safety issue if an emergency happens and first responders can't get to where they need to go. But NYC is one of the biggest cities in the world. It is hard to get to every place all at once. The sanitation dept. also has problems getting there. Everyone just needs to be patient.
As far as people in airports or planes, you know if they were stuck in airplanes for hours without toilets, food or water, they'd be complaining as well. There's no pleasing people. Yelling, screaming won't help much either.