December 12, 2010

We're here

Yes, we are!

We'll gallivant around the city today and tomorrow with an old friend and her boyfriend later today. It's been raining, but that's what this place is known for, after all.

As for the place we're staying, it's pretty good. We even have a view of the Space Needle from our window. Not right smack in the middle of the window, only when we look out to the left, but hey, a view's a view, right?

Hurray for free underground covered parking!
Hurray for free breakfast!
Hurray for free wireless internet!

The flight went well. I was asleep before take-off, so I don't even know if the plane left on time. They bombarded us with drinks. I'd get my drink and then fall asleep quickly. What's up with that? I was like the Dormouse from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". I only seriously woke up when I heard we were landing soon.

Can't wait to go sightseeing later...this is gonna be fun!!!