January 2, 2011

2nd Day of 2011

Spent New Year's eve at our place - just me, my husband, and Zack. For New Year's eve, we had blue crab spread, crackers, queso de bola, pad thai, bread, fruit salad and leche flan. We didn't even get to eat the pad thai as we kept munching on the blue crab spread and crackers.

Later on, woke up at noon. Ate a bit of lechon kawali with steamed veggies. Spent the rest of the day, night and early morning sitting on the couch wearing my jammies. Watched "Avalon High", "Tapped", clips of "The Soup", and old episodes of "Dexter". Napped on the couch at intervals.

Oh, and I thought of two New Year's resolution (yeah, unbelievable since I don't usually do resolutions).

#1: I will learn to get things done efficiently and effectively in a leisurely and relaxed manner. Meaning? Each day is not a marathon. I don't have to wake up thinking, "ready...set...go!" I can get things done without acting as if time's constantly running out. No point thinking and acting as if I have to get everything done NOW. I know that I'll get things done anyway.

#2: Less Facebook time. There's more to life than Facebook. After all, it's not as if I share everything that goes on with me in Facebook, yet somehow, it succeeds in eating up a big chunk of my time reading other people's updates and checking their photo albums. For 2011, less will be more.

Hope your 2011 is shaping up pretty well!