February 14, 2011

I love...

my husband. Zack (our dog). my family. love. this blog. my other blogs. our business. our photo gear. vanilla. caramel. eating. traveling. falling in love. skydiving. hiking. cooking. reading. wishing on stars. looking at the moon. sunrise and sunset. rainbows. going to new places. going to old places. New Mexico. Prague. Seattle. Boston. New Orleans. Orlando. Quebec. Montreal. Baguio. Seoul. Incheon International Airport. "Lord of the Rings". meeting new people. taking pictures. singing. dancing. play-acting. mimicking different accents. walking. roughhousing with Zack. budgeting. red. blue. black. white. gerbera daisies. tulips. my blender. my iPod. UP. badminton. biking. shih tzus. maltese. hamsters. "Small Gods". snow. winter. rain. walking in the rain. sharing an umbrella with someone I love. hugs. kisses. snuggles. holding hands. sleeping in. naps. comfy flannel blankies, jammies and robes. bubble baths. journal writing. listening to loud music. snail mail. finding $1, $10 or $10 in my coat pocket. Christmas. "Arrested Development". good friends. really good friends. really good old friends. patintero. agawang base. taguan. hair dryers. long, hot showers. roller coasters. Chippy. Travel Channel. Food Network. sinigang. adobo. paying off a credit card. flip flops. banana cue. Cocoa Krispies. Bejeweled 3. water. iced chai tea latte. hot chocolate. fruit smoothies. random acts of kindness. "Harry Potter". LMH. "Moulin Rouge". rice. grilled mackerel. green mango salad. sago't gulaman. bibimbop. pho. chicken vindaloo. chicken tikka masala. mango lassi. Rocky Road ice cream. "Beauty and the Beast". the numbers 8 and 13. labelers. saying yes. saying maybe. hoping. serendipity. "a-ha!" moments. "Love Actually". old songs. new songs. happy news. love stories. romance. weddings. happily ever afters.


Note: I typed this out as I thought of it, so it's not in any particular order.