February 15, 2011

I said no

People say, "when an opportunity presents itself, go for it."

I say, "when the right opportunity for you presents itself, go for it."

Today I said no to a possible job assignment at a financial institution.

In my work life, I've been pretty easygoing...going with the flow...que sera, sera. I'm always open to new challenges. I learn things on the job, then do a good job. Eventually, I reach the point where there's no more room to maneuver, no more new knowledge to gain. I get stuck and then I find it difficult to get myself unstuck.

Now I've changed my attitude. If I'm picky and particular in other aspects of my life, why am I not that way with my work life?

If I grab every opportunity out there without considering whether or not it's in line with what I'm looking for, then at some point, I'll get frustrated because there's something else I really want to do.

If I grab every opportunity out there that is not necessarily something I'd want to do, something I have lukewarm feelings over, then I'm depriving someone else out there from getting this opportunity, which might be perfect for them. How selfish of me.

Maybe finding the perfect fit, the perfect match is an illusion. Then again, maybe it's not.

I know what I'm looking for. Right now anyway. If I can come anywhere near close to the perfect match, then it will make saying no to this opportunity worth it. It will make saying no the best thing to do. If I can get exactly the type of work I want, then that's great. More than great, it'll be awesome.