February 4, 2011

Not idiots

While blog hopping today, I came across a bunch of blogs by teens. I confess, some gave me a headache, especially at how they write (or seem not to know how to write). And yet I did see a bunch of gems as well. Though media might want us to believe that all hope is lost for the current generation, somehow, I still see hope.

Inasmuch as there are idiotic teens, there are also smart teens. Not all teens are idiots. To overgeneralize and lump them together as such is an injustice. Let's face it, there are idiotic and smart adults as well.

So in conclusion...

I vow to recognize that teens think and do know how to think for themselves. Even if their decisions and opinions aren't the same as yours or mine.

I vow to allow the teens I know (and will know) to make their own mistakes and learn from them.

I vow to respect their moods and feelings. Forcing them to constantly put up a happy front only sends a message that any emotion - apart from happiness - is just a no-no.