March 18, 2011

Of earthquakes and tsunamis

I hesitated in blogging about what happened in Japan. Everyone seems to have something to say about it. I've even seen some extremely stupid comments that got me riled up. I mean seriously, how can people act as if Japan deserved what it got?

When they released the list of countries under tsunami warning, it reminded me how interconnected we all are. Just because it happened in Japan doesn't mean it doesn't affect you or someone you know.

I was shocked at the devastation. For a time, I couldn't help but keep staring at before/after photographs. Like a mad woman, I'd Google images and stare disbelievingly. Goodness, how small we really are in the scheme of things! Yes, a healthy respect for Mother Nature kicked in. Then I worried about the Philippines being an archipelago in the Pacific Ring of Fire. What about the people I love? How can they be kept safe? In case of an emergency, do they have plans in place?

Now I've stopped searching for photographs. I AM keeping tabs on a highschool batchmate who lives with her family in Japan. All she asks for are prayers. Right now, we all need that as well.