April 11, 2011

Happy kind of tired

My husband and I spent this weekend at home painting the guest room and the area leading up to the third floor. We even had the HP Order of the Phoenix audiobook going on. I worked on the guest room, while he did the staircase area due to the high ceiling.

I love the result.

I've noticed that in choosing colors, we seem to choose from Sherwin Williams' Cool Neutral and Warm Neutrals group. Very unusual.

Our foyer - Divine White

Our living room - Kilim Beige

Our dining room - Interactive Cream

Our guest room - Essential Gray

Our bedroom - Ethereal Mood

I DO love painting. I find it relaxing. Now I want to paint the bathrooms and the kitchen too!


Leo said...

Divine white... Ethereal Mood... Ang gaganda naman ng names for colors. It made me think of names like Furious Fuschia, Blissful Orange, and Dependable Blue. Wala lang hehe.

Nice choice of colors, guys. Sarap sa mata. ^^

Cecilia said...

Thanks! As we discussed, it seems naming paint colors would be a fun job...especially to those who word play. :)