April 29, 2011

Royal wedding fever

Kate arrived in a car as a commoner, and left in a carriage as Princess Catherine. :) What a good decision that was. And what a good wedding day it is!

I love how Prince Harry said something Prince William as Princess Catherine was walking down the aisle. I wonder what Prince Harry said.

I love how Prince William was smiling and talking to Princess Catherine after she and her dad arrived at the altar.

I love the hats galore! Beautiful hats, big hats, small hats, even crazy Lady Gaga-style hats.

I love how they exchanged little smiles and glances throughout the ceremony

I love the trees inside Westminster Abbey.

I love how conservative yet modern Princess Catherine's gown is. Covered arms, covered shoulders. Chantilly lace. Love the clean lines. Reasonable train length. Sensibly-sized bouquet. Hair down. Focus on her face.

I love how Prince William was carefully walking on their way out, as if really careful not to step on her gown.

I love the pomp and pageantry of this wedding day.

I love how he looks at her.

They do look happy. What a relief to see.

Oh yeah, and I'm practicing using Princess Catherine, instead of Kate. :)


chepie said...

i read in Time online --- that Prince Harry (my love) told Prince Wills -- "Right, she's here." / "Wait til you see her." (based on lip-readers' info eto.)

then Wills tells Catherine, "You look so beautiful."

i-google mo cesz, matutuwa ka how real and romantic things were during the Wedding. :)