May 30, 2011

Bad end of the deal

We watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 yet again today. Man, I do feel sorry for the Snape.

Being in love with the same woman for years.
Watching the love of his life marry and have a kid with the hate of his life.
Protecting the kid who looks JUST LIKE HIS SWORN ENEMY, except for those darn green eyes.
Dealing with a bratty and tantrum-y mind-readin' Voldemort.
Being ordered to snuff out Dumbledore's life by Dumbledore himself just because.
Pretending to be on the bad side, just like a true blue spy.

Yes kids, life can be soooo unfair. You can suffer so much for love. And in the end, yeah, Nagini.

Goodness, it sucks to be Severus.


Leo said...

(sniff) poor Severus.

he did get immortalized in a portrait at the Headmaster's office (tama ba? ^^), at ginamit ang pangalan niya sa anak ng anak ng taong kinamumuhian niya. ^^

still, poor Severus.

Cecilia said...

yeah, sure, a PORTRAIT. :D after all that. poor guy.