May 5, 2011

Crazy decorating bug

I've recovered from my royal wedding fever.

What I haven't recovered from is this crazy decorating bug that bit me really hard. We've already painted two areas at home, but now I'm eyeing the two bathrooms and the kitchen too! Who's to stop me from painting the bathrooms and kitchen? No one! Well, maybe my husband, but he's nice - he wouldn't do that. Anyway, the thing is, I can't imagine having those rooms out of commission even for a day or two. How are we going to bathe and cook? *sighs* Gotta figure this out. I even want to try staining the kitchen cabinets, but I've never done that ever, so I'm hesitating. Anyone out there with experience doing that?

It doesn't end there. Did I mention I want to change the kitchen cabinets, appliances and fixtures? THAT change requires a stinkin' boatload of money to pull off though, so whatever. Off to the back burner it goes in the meantime.

I've been rummaging around the house for things to use in my decorating projects. Here's the deal: I want to decorate, but I don't want to spend. AT ALL. Yeah, I read the book "Use What You Have Decorating". I'm thinking if we'll spend money, it'll be for paint, new fixtures, etcetera. Not accessories. In fact, it's better to save it for a future major kitchen update. Now where was I? Oh yeah, if any of you have any ideas for a headboard (I think the guestroom bed deserves one), give me a shout-out please. I've considered wall decals like this, or even a fence panel like this, BUT it totally goes against my idea of cheap or free. Cheap or free = WIN. I've been scouring Craigslist like a nutcase. Soon, I'll be dragging my husband to estate and tag sales as well.

I'm definitely enjoying the challenge of decorating our place cost-effectively. It's easy to go to a store and buy something, but what's the fun in that? I want to do so much for so little. Oh HGTV, you're my best friend nowadays.