May 16, 2011

A Meeting with Dr. Gynecologist

My husband and I have been married for almost ten years this year. As can be expected, people bug us about having kids and making assumptions that something's wrong. "Sino ba'ng merong problema?" (Simply stated, "Who's got fertility issues?")

I'm used to the constant bombardment - "are you pregnant?"..."when are you getting pregnant?"..."what on earth are you waiting for?"..."goodness, you're so old now, how can you carry your baby?"...etcetera, etcetera. I'm being the model of patience. I don't snap at people for asking those questions. I just laugh it off for the most part. Some days, I say, "ooooh! A challenge to my ovaries!" I understand the curiosity, though I wouldn't be caught dead doing the same thing to other folks I know. Their spawning isn't really any of my business anyway, unless they want me to be a godmother or something.

So it was a relief talking to my doctor because he just said, "you're fertile! What's there to worry about? Just relax and let nature take its course. It's a fun process anyway."

I told him that I wasn't worrying. In fact, other people were worrying on our behalf. (Oh, did I mention judging us as well? But that's another blog post.)

"Let them worry. People worry so much and it doesn't help. You do what's fun to do and let nature take care of things. Just think about having a baby. Sit down and talk about it. If you decide you want one, you have enough time. After all, it takes a couple 6-9 months to make a baby, plus add another 9 months for the actual pregnancy. The economy might be better then."

That's why I like him - he's not the sort who strikes fear in your heart.

"You're 36?" *scoffs* "You've got so much time to have a baby! Start taking folic acid already, so you're ready. Just eat healthy. Don't stress easily. Stay active, even just walks outside."

Our current attitude is like, "well, if I get pregnant, cute. If not, no big deal." But we're not panicking, monitoring every single thing or crying our eyes out.

Honestly, if and when I get pregnant, do you really think I'LL keep it a secret? Heck, I'll probably create a Facebook page during the whole experience, blog about it, and keep up a steady stream of photo updates. Who knows, I might even create a Twitter account just to keep people posted!

People just fret too much.


... Paige said...

see I was just complaining about people a little bit ago.

I liked it when you said "Their spawning isn't really any of my business anyway"

good luck & start having fun :-D

Cecilia said...

Thanks, Paige! Congratulations on Baby Girl's upcoming graduation!