May 31, 2011

My tour demands

So Katy Perry has some interesting demands while on tour eh? (it's here.)  I also saw this. Now what would I demand if I was on tour too? Let me see...*strokes my (thankfully) non-existent beard thoughtfully*

OK, here's my list...and yes, it's all in good fun.

- One economy round-trip non-stop airline ticket (Itinerary subject to my approval - must make sure I fly out of nearby airports, not airports located way too far. And yeah, I'm fine with economy, unless it's for international travel...ha ha ha!)

- All ground transportation from time of arrival to departure [includes round-trip transportation between hotel and location of performance, round-trip transportation between airport and hotel; and round-trip local transportation (town car/limo/SUV or shuttle)]. Parking arrangements at no cost to me.

- A non-smoking king bedroom at a five-star hotel with free breakfast and internet

- Dressing room: No smoking. It must be clean and private with a properly functioning bathroom. Comfortable table, chair, mirror, clean towels, and 110 outlet required.

- A fresh fruit and raw vegetable platter OR cheese and crackers platter

- A bag of chips – either Jack & Jill Chippy Barbeque, Pop Chips Original Potato, Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut Potato Chips - Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper, OR SunChips Original Flavor

- A pitcher of ice water (if a pitcher's not available, water bottles preferred)

- Fruit juices (apple or pomegranate juice)

- Tea (Bigelow's Cozy Chamomile or Chamomile Mint will suffice).

- A dog walker and clean pet bed for Zack – he's coming along on my tour

How about you? What'll be included in your Artist Rider?