June 24, 2011

K dramas

It started with "Personal Taste" that led to "Boys Over Flowers" followed by "Playful Kiss", "Secret Garden", "Coffee Prince" and the most recent one that we finished yesterday, "My Lovely Sam Soon". We're still watching "City Hunter".

Now why are we watching these shows, you may ask.

The translations are, at times, wonky and leaves much to be desired. Reading the text at the bottom of the screen is hardly fun. You also have to stick around for an hour, in fact.

The plot? Hmmm...there's always a rich boy and a poor girl. They hate each other's guts. Rich boy is always socially and emotionally awkward, and yes, even mean. Then it becomes a case of "the more you hate, the more you love." Suddenly, rich boy and poor girl find themselves falling for each other. Oh, and poor girl's so hardworking - she works many jobs yet is never seen as cranky or tired, always positively cheerful. Rich boy's rich mom finds out that her rich boy's in love with poor girl, so she gets in the way of their love. Tries everything to separate the lovers, including attempts to pay off poor girl so she'll leave rich boy alone. Poor girl though poor is never tempted to accept. There's always a love triangle. Sometimes, they even have a romantic rectangle! Have I mentioned the parade of great homes and excellent cars?

Sure, I do like that they try to inject girl power messages. But I wish they'd stop using those tired plots. Seriously, always a witch of a mama? No proper explanation why she's that way? Ugh. Something new please.

Yet we continue to watch. Initially, I was attracted by the overall production quality. They spend money on making these shows, and it shows. I remember the first time I watched "Personal Taste". Charmed by its lead actor Lee Min Ho (yes, I adore him), I was surprised by how good the overall look of the show was. Nowadays, I still watch these because they make me laugh. Maybe some things get lost in translation, but I don't care. All I know is, it entertains. Isn't that what television's all about in the first place?